Friday, March 26, 2010

First Reflections

"Never before in my 15 years of living and making art in New York City, have I felt so connected to a group of intellectually engaged and caring artists. The experienced has totally changed my approach to art making in that I take "communty" into account like never before, and I mean all kinds of communities, social networked, chelsea art crowd, my neighborhood, and the institutionalized art world. Also, I have been able to network and gain new art opportunities as a result of #class." -Alan Lupiani

#Class Reflection by Sarah Smizz (Will re-post a high-res image soon)

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico has been reflecting on her blog. Her latest is titled "Working the System and Withdrawal from #class." So, if you have also been writing about #class please send us your links.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jerry Saltz on #class via Facebook

Since I didn't get a chance to write about #Class I'll share one or two thoughts here.

When I first heard about #Class I imagined an insular group of people all telling one another that they're right and everyone else is impure.
As a paranoid I also imagined that I would be branded as "uncool" and that if I even dared to appreciate what was going on or Dalton's work or Powhida's work, that the show, or the artists would be labeled as "sell outs" or "playing to the man."
So I was hesitant going in.

I never saw or felt that once in the show itself or form anyone around it (although I did read some terrible things said about me on blogs to the effect of "If HE'S there you know there must be something WRONG about it.")

As I returned to #Class, in fact, I felt that Dalton/Powhida had created a structure that was actually able to grow and was growing in ways that they or we could not predict.

That, to me is one of the definitions of VERY GOOD ART. Can you create something that then creates ITSELF.

I was surprised every time I went in #Class.
That is another sign of very good art: The art was generating more energy than was being put into it. It felt alive.

At first I thought that Dalton/Powhida should get back to their art and families as soon as #Class ended. The more I went to the show, however, the more I was reminded of a free-forming rangy messy energy that I had felt once-unpon-a-time in places like the early Nature Morte, International With Monument, American Fine Arts, Gavin Brown, The Project, Orhcard, Michelle MAcarone, and lately at The Independent, Harris Leiberman, Lisa Cooley, Miguel Abrau, rental, and many others.
Something is happening here.
What it is ain't exactly clear.
But it's good. And it's growing.
On the last day of #Class I was wishing that Dalton/Powhida might take this structure on the road and see what happens ... ... ... OUT THERE.

(I am sorry if it costs them studio and family time.)

Disconnected impressions ...

#Class Reflections

Sadly, #class is out for an extended recess, but that doesn't mean it's over. We would like to invite all the participants of #class to submit personal reflections on your experiences. It has been said that there is no organized thought without writing. While #class was an amazing, immersive, and exhausting experience, the chalkboards never achieved what one might call 'organized thought' in response to our thesis statement. So, we would like to extend #class back into your think/work spaces to organize your thoughts.

I don't think there's any single way to approach this reflection, but we would ask you to respond in your own way to our original thesis, “art is a luxury commodity for the wealthy that limits the possibility of ownership, understanding, and access based on class, education and geography." We'd also encourage you to see if your experiences lead you to any solutions for helping "art make friends" because we realize that if we want public funding, support, and understanding for contemporary art then we need to earn it. It may not be enough to simply work hard in our studios and demand respect and support from others. We may have to, as Ben Davis argues, see ourselves as activists and artists. I don't know exactly what that looks like, but perhaps it begins with arts education for me, as a public school teacher. Maybe it is taking the awkward step of asking non-profits and museums if they have a budget that includes paying the artists as W.A.G.E suggests we all do. However you decide to approach your reflection, please keep in mind that we would like to post them on the blog (keep it brief!) If your reflection involves pictures or video that's also welcome as we'd love visual documentation of #class as well. Also, please reach out to anyone who might not be on our mailing list or contributed to #class in a spontaneous manner.

As of now, Jen and I also need to reflect on our experience and give ourselves some time to recover emotionally and physically from the marathon #class turned into. Believe me when I say we didn't understand what #class would require from us or what an amazing space it would become with all of your participation. While we figure out what's next for #class, we will continue the dialogue here. Please send your reflections to

Apparently, school is never out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Last-minute Cancellations!!

Sorry to say...

Kimberly Wright's Collector Preferences Presentation 3/19 at 6pm is canceled.

Dr. Kristin's and Dr. Gloria's Writing Workshop 3/20 at 2pm is canceled.

We have only two more days of #class. But there are still more fun events, check the calendar! Our last event on Saturday 3/20 at 6pm is Rant Night. Come let it rip!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Phil Buehler's Advertising Methods Canceled!

Formerly scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday, March 17th. Sorry!

Sarah Schmerler "The Writer is: IN"

On Wednesday, March 17th, at 6:30pm Sarah Schmerler will talk about artist's statements and then write your artist statement for you - as fast as she can.

First come; first served. 15 minutes, tops.

6:30-7:00pm: Intro to Statement Writing
7:00-8:00pm: Schmerler writes in 'real time.'

Bring pencil and paper, a CD or URL address for your work, and an open mind.

for more information!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nocation, Nocation, Nocation Canceled

Due to an non-existent response for panelists, we are canceling the discussion in favor of work time.