Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here come the projects

Here are some of the events, discussions and performances that #class plans to host at Winkleman Gallery between Feb 21 and March 20, 2010.

We have over 40 events in some stage of development already. There will be a few different things going on every day the show is open! A full schedule will be publicly posted once we have it hammered out. For now, a preview. We'll keep posting as more events become confirmed. If you haven't sent us a proposal yet, there's still time!

Painter and writer Mira Schor will read her 1990 essay “On Failure and Anonymity” and lead a discussion on how these conditions might play a positive role in making art.

Hyperallergic has prepared $ECRET$ OF THE NEW YORK ART WORLD, which invites visitors to reveal who in the city's art industry owes them money. Will the pyramid scheme that is the art world collapse when the secrets come out? Hyperallergic hopes so.

An Xiao will present "Photoglam," during which she and her glamorous entourage will be photographing attendees during the opening and posting them on the Facebook event page. The photos with the top number of 'likes' will be publicly posted.

Magda Sawon of Postmasters Gallery will host "Ask the Art Dealer," vowing to truthfully answer any and every question posed to her. We're starting to collect questions now, if you post one in the comments here it will get asked!

Free Gift Wrapping! Anyone who buys an artwork during the run of the show can have it gift-wrapped by Zoë Sheehan Saldaña in handmade brown paper and twine.

Artists MTAA will demonstrate "Autotrace," a completely automatic, software-generated appropriation and shape creation system.

Rebecca Goyette will present "Market U," an art critique as experiential theatre. The Ringmaster of Market University will review the live examples of artwork of selected recent graduates of of various NYC MFA Programs including Market U. A panel of judges, internationally recognized art critics, gallery owners and artists who work for Market U will be the jury... or will you?

Sarah Smizz will give away free posters featuring her "Maps of the Art System."

Nic Rad will present "The Celebritist Manifesto," a stirring defense of celebrity culture as the boldest creative expression of a democratic society, in which it will become abundantly clear that James Franco is the most significant artist of the decade, if not all time.

Man Bartlett will be presenting "24h #class action," a marathon group intervention involving systematically blowing up hundreds of skinny balloons and popping them, without creating or harming any cute little puppies.

Dr. Lisa Levy, S.P. (Self-Proclaimed) will present "Investigating Personal Obstacles to Creativity and Creative Productivity," a workshop using the tools of psychoanalysis to begin to identify how personal history and emotions subvert and misdirect our actions to make creative work so we can realize our full potential as artists.

Yevgeniy Fiks will present a slide-lecture titled "Communist Modern Artists and the Art Market," showing how many of the the most highly valued art of the 20th century was produced by artists who considered themselves communists (Picasso, Leger, Kahlo, Rivera and more).

The Art Blahg will present "Art Wake," a funeral ritual for contemporary art.

Carolina Miranda will lead participants in "Art Yoga by C-Mon," incorporating newly invented poses to aid artists in the contortions necessary to advance their practice and career.


  1. I have a question for Magda Sawon:
    Has Postmasters Gallery changed from a gallery that was interested in exhibiting emerging artists into another gallery closed to new artists and only interested in promoting the careers of its current roster?

  2. Magda: What is the question you are most afraid of being asked?

    Provided you don't answer any questions before the event, it will be chance if someone asks you the answer to mine. :)

  3. Good to see some questions rolling in for Magda. We will be adding an ask Magda form to the blog as well for all the questions.

    Also, this is just a list of participatory projects, while we will be posting our proposed discussion series soon. We will announce all the participants as soon as we know who has accepted and declined. Also, if you have suggestions for featured participants or discussants, let us know.


  4. Magda,

    If one believes that art holds a special place in our culture and should be fostered, how do you reconcile that with profit?

    Should profit beyond a certain margin be given back to the community somehow?

    How do we avoid our habitual attachment to the boom and bust cycle when every time things turn sour, the artists and in many cases the gallerists, end up hurting so badly?

    How do we stop this lottery game?

    Thanks, working on more!! Your bravery inspires me Magda!

  5. Magda here - before I am set up for online answers and then gallery session(s) just a shout out to MAN - I will not answer questions about my weight, my social security status and other people's money. I also may be a disappointment to some as think certain inquiries may only be answered by God or weathermen.